About Us

What is Toy Soldier Productions?

Toy Soldier Productions was founded in September 2009 in Bozeman, MT with the intentions of making a Montana ski & snowboard film called Come Find Us.  The movie received local, national and international attention for both its technical and narrative qualities.  The success of Come Find Us allowed the crew to move forward onto a new project, Set Your Sights.  In their second year, the crew continued to perfect their craft while meeting skiers & snowboarders set on making a name for themselves within the industry.  With a group of dedicated riders and two years’ experience under their belt, all areas of production aligned for the company and they created a third movie, the award-winning Act Natural.

Even without extravagant budgets or top professional athletes, Toy Soldier Productions has been at the forefront of the ski movie industry since its inception due to originality, creativity and integrity.  Now in its fourth year of production, the company is excited to capture new opportunities in a dynamic market. 

TSP Crew