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  • loading up the cat
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  • alex blais backflip
  • luke perin backflip
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Our trip to McCall was full of pleasant surprises. Even though the mountain had almost no significant snowpack in the weeks leading up to our trip, we caught it at the end of a week long cycle that brought in several feet of snow.  On the first day of the trip, we were greeted at the lodge by skiing great Brandon Becker, who was acting as our guide for the day.

The first day was spent exploring the mountain in heavy snow and fog. We eventually ditched the cameras because the next day was supposed to be sunny.  When we woke up the following morning, we were greeted by absolutely perfect conditions. Crisp, cool weather with nothing but blue sky and sunshine overhead.  Everyone was stoked to get up the chair lift and make the half hour hike north along the ridge. What we found was soft, stable snow and a playground occupied by nobody but ourselves. We spent the entire day out there skiing lines, drops, cliffs and even a jump. We came in only because it was getting too dark to see. We made our way back to the lodge, drank a couple beers with the friendly locals, and headed to bed, excited for the next two days of cat skiing. 

The next two days were spent exploring the backcountry terrain surrounding Brundage Mountain with cats.  Our guides were used to guiding the guests around the biggest terrain, but everyone in the cat wanted to be led right in to it. Once we decided that they should take us to all the terrain they usually avoid, we found what we were looking for.

The video below is a glimpse into the trip. You'll see footage from Epic Planks team riders Alex Blais, Jon Whelan, Danny Arnold and Bryan Depauw. The guys were a joy to shoot with and all genuinely stoked to be there. What you won't see in the video is footage from Shay Lee, Karl Fostvedt and Luke Perin, who were also on the trip. You'll have to wait to see their shots this fall!

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible! It was one of my most enjoyable all year. 

Description of Episode:
In January we made our way to McCall, Idaho, where we found a hidden treasure, Brundage Mountain.  We spent a couple days in the sidecountry and a couple days cat skiing, while having the time of our lives.  What we found at Brundage was an undiscovered gem with deep pow, no lift lines, and locals that make you feel at home. 
In this episode of Germination you will catch a glimpse of what went down over four epic days in Idaho.  Join us as we Get Deep in Idaho!

About Epic Planks:

Epic Planks is a handmade ski and snowboard company committed to creating innovative products while taking customer feedback to heart in order to progress the product line in a positive direction. Epic Planks has established partnerships with park skiers, cat skiing, and heli skiing guides worldwide. These partnerships have resulted in a solid lineup of rider designed handmade park skis, powder skis, all mountain skis, park snowboards, and all mountain snowboards.

For more information about Epic Planks, visit:

About Brundage Mountain:
Best known for its powder-stuffed glades and luxuriously wide groomed runs, Brundage Mountain is capable of stealing any snow lover’s heart. Whether you’re just getting started in your snow sports experience, or are a seasoned slider searching for “the best day ever”, Brundage Mountain has something unique to offer.
Brundage installed two new chairlifts and added 160 acres of terrain in 2007 as our Idaho ski resort map shows.
Our season normally runs from Thanksgiving through mid-April or early May, with lifts running daily from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.
About Brundage Snow Cat Adventures
Join us on a guided Snow cat skiing trip into the beautiful backcountry of the Payette National Forest.
Brundage Mountain’s experienced guides – licensed by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association – will see to it that your adventure into this pristine, snowy wonderland is safe and unforgettable.
Snow cat trips for the adventurous are offered on more than 19,000 acres of snowy steeps, tree-lined glades and powdery bowls.
About Toy Soldier Productions
Toy Soldier Productions started in Bozeman, Montana in the fall of 2009. The original idea was to make a "Montana Movie." We never thought it would become much more than that. We hoped to have a few screenings in some local bars, showcasing the state to those who already knew all about it.  Come Find Us was a surprise hit for us and the success of the first film inspired us to do a second, Set Your Sights. We are now in our third year of production, and look forward to learning new things and meeting new friends each and every day.
Keep an eye out this fall for the latest release from Toy Soldier Productions, where more from the Brundage trip will be captured.
About Germination:

Germination is a new web video series documenting the growth and progress of a young ski and snowboard company.  The seed of Epic Planks was planted in 2009, follow along as this seed grows….

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